Search Engine Optimisation

Rank #1 on internet searches and get the clicks that matter

If you’re not in the top 3 rankings for your keyword, around two thirds of the traffic is bypassing you completely.

Oddball has been around the Internet block a few times and we know the drill.

So, whether you’ve had a website for years or you’re just starting out, Oddball helps you to be irresistible because simply having a website isn’t enough to hit #1.


White Hat SEO - no tricks, just talent

SEO is about rules and tools - not mystery or sleight of hand. Of course Oddball adds its own ingredients - intuition, lateral thinking, evidence-based strategy and cross-industry expertise. This is not your average SEO.

All the tools in the toolbox

You've heard of collective buying power. Oddball is the agency through which you gain access to a dazzling range of options, tools, plug-ins, metrics and custom coding. Our web marketing toolbox is full of the right stuff.

SEO under scrutiny

Our SEO strategy comes out of hard research on keyword opportunities, buyer journey, trends and competitive analysis. Oddball campaigns convert way above industry-average conversion rates (x3). With forensics, we can explain the reason for your results and keep refining our process.

Read this

Search engines love good content. Oddball’s team writes headlines and copy, edits existing content and nails the right images and killer designs. We create content for blogs, campaigns, landing pages and websites that you won’t just skim over.


The Oddball Cocktail

The Oddball website cocktail is made with strategy, design, content and SEO, mixed to a specific recipe for you. And we’re not afraid to shake things up.

Your Local ‘A-Team’

Oddball’s specialists work in house, building on their skills with ongoing training and enrichment, bringing you much more than simply a set of hired hands. Overseas providers and contractors have their place, but…

The Balance of Art & Science

Our SEO strategy is based on scientific research on the way consumers find information and ask questions. Oddball's hand-crafted sites are science-based. Oddball websites convert.

Testing… Measuring… Testing…

Oddball has the experience to know what works, what doesn’t and why. Years of hard work, learning, adapting, testing and measuring outcomes - so we can deliver real results for you.


Oddball Marketing has totally transformed our website, and they continue to increase its impact. We get a lot of work from it. Chris is so on the ball with the advertising; he’s always coming up with new ideas and the whole team works very hard for us. We are always kept informed of what is going on and they’re always busy in the background checking on things for us. It has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. They are all very friendly but at the same time professional. If we want something doing it is done straight away. Love working with Oddball Marketing.

Ruth & Greg Allen
Emporium Blinds, Curtains, Shutters and Awnings


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