Marketing Strategy

Fail to Plan: Plan to Fail

Sometimes business owners and managers are just too close to it all. There’s the danger of ‘doing marketing’ without really knowing why.

Oddball takes a step back to get perspective on the whole scene, understanding the stakeholders and seeing where we can have valuable input.

Our Marketing Strategy program builds an actionable plan that you and your team can implement and evaluate.

  • Key market and competitive analysis
  • Customer segments
  • Your core business strengths & advantages
  • Development of strategy, messaging & target
  • Marketing channel recommendations
  • Timeline of goals and actions

The power of Oddball

A Marketing Plan That Won’t Stay On the Shelf

We've all seen the folder on the shelf containing the 'Marketing Strategy'. No one ever opens it but it's nice to know it's there. The Oddball Marketing Plan program is nothing like that: a clear, concise and dynamic plan that your team will actually use.

One Off Marketing Strategy

You’ve got the framework. Now you want to incorporate an idea into the overall plan, but how? Work with us to craft the strategy for that one-off campaign – selecting channels, design and content, setting a realistic budget, identifying key objectives, sticking to a timeline and hitting the launch button.

Ongoing Marketing Partnership

This is definitely a team effort. Let’s work together to continue to build your business and brand, understanding the market and its changes, responding to what's going on around us and defining the conversation with customers. Plus ongoing reporting, optimisation and regular catch-ups.

Expect world class skills

The Strategic Cocktail

The cocktail made with strategy, goals, tactics, activity and accountability. A complex mix of core spirits for your perfect long island.

Your Local ‘A-Team’

Oddball’s specialists work in house, building on their skills with ongoing training and enrichment, bringing you much more than simply a set of hired hands. 

The Balance of Art & Science

Our strategies are based on scientific research on the way consumers buy. Oddball's high level approach is science-based and designed to get your business the best results possible.

Testing… Measuring… Testing ....

Oddball has the experience to know what works, what doesn’t and why. Years of hard work, learning, adapting, testing and measuring outcomes - so we can you deliver real results.

From our portfolio

What I love about working with the guys at Oddball is their strategic approach to everything. They don’t just set up campaigns, they get to know the client and the target market first.

Their campaign insights are nothing short of astonishing.

We’ve had some massive campaign wins for clients together and I consider them an extension of my own business.

Perry Henderson

Managing Director

Missing Link Social Media

Perry Henderson From Missing Link Social Media

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