Google AdWords

Secure the best property on Google Street

Invest wisely in Google AdWords and it will show. Invest unwisely and your business will languish in Google oblivion.

Oddball works hard to keep you in front, with valuable tracking reports that feed back into the quality of the ads.

Capitalise on the Pay-Per-Click platform with Oddball’s proper planning and execution and your online property will be the most popular place in town.

The power of Oddball

Your Google Certified Team

As a Google Certified Partner, Oddball Marketing combines successful AdWords campaigns with our own analysis methodology. Basically we know what works and why, and we share it with you. Not everyone out there wants you to know the secret formula. Actually there isn't one.

Reports To The Wazoo

So the campaign is working. You're more visible than before, with more clicks, more conversions and better numbers. Great stuff! But will it work again? Accurate, timely reports confirm your results and ensure you can achieve them again next time, perhaps with even more elegance.

95 Incredible Characters

AdWords campaigns don't have pictures, videos, crazy fonts or memes. Instead Oddball hits the target with punchy, well-crafted and relevant content - all within the 95 characters that Google allows. In AdWords, as in life, the words really matter.

Expect world class skills

The Oddball Cocktail

The Oddball cocktail is made with strategy, design, content and SEO, mixed to a specific recipe for you. And we’re not afraid to shake things up.

Your Local ‘A-Team’

Oddball’s specialists work in house, building on their skills with ongoing training and enrichment, bringing you much more than simply a set of hired hands. Overseas providers and contractors have their place, but…

The Balance of Art & Science

Our PPC campaign strategy is based on scientific research on what makes consumers click. Oddball's specially written Adwords ads are emotionally engaging and designed to convert.

Testing… Measuring… Testing…

Oddball has the experience to know what works, what doesn’t and why. Years of hard work, learning, adapting, testing and measuring outcomes - we deliver real results for you.

From our portfoilio

“Gosford Classic Car Museum has worked with the team at Oddball Marketing for some time now and we are thrilled with the professional service and prompt, reliable staff. I am not only impressed by their commitment to delivering quality work within the due dates, but consistently impressed with the clear and open communication provided throughout the process. Highly recommended.”

Kim Bradley,
Marketing Manager,
Gosford Classic Car Museum

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