Why Oddball?

You need to work with us because:

  • You want to be the leader in your market segment
  • You want access to a dedicated team of specialists
  • You know you could be doing better
  • You want to leave marketing to the marketers
  • We are Marketing's Most Wanted


The Oddball Cocktail

The Oddball website cocktail is made with strategy, design, content and SEO, mixed to a specific recipe for you. And we’re not afraid to shake things up.

Your Local ‘A-Team’

Oddball’s specialists work in house, building on their skills with ongoing training and enrichment, bringing you much more than simply a set of hired hands. Overseas providers and contractors have their place, but…

The Balance of Art & Science

Our website development strategy is based on scientific research on the way consumers buy. Oddball's hand-crafted sites are science-based. Oddball websites convert.

Testing… Measuring… Testing…

Oddball has the experience to know what works, what doesn’t and why. Years of hard work, learning, adapting, testing and measuring outcomes - so we can deliver real results for you.


Oddball definitely does things differently. They worked hard to really understand what we do before they came back with design and structure concepts (they even visited me on-site to see us in action). The team recommended including detail into the sites, as we educated the market about solar power installation and also to enhance our SEO.

I’m now getting calls for niche jobs that I would never have received with that advice. Oddball is a fantastic companyall round! Mike and the team have taken a really stressful side of my business away. They’ve increased my profile and have helped my get more enquiries and more jobs! Thanks lads!

Gavin O’Donnell
Managing Director, Redshift Electrical and Redshift Solar

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